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I just can’t understand how any one can look at their newborn, beautiful and new, trusting and perfect, and say, “Well, your penis is ugly, so fuck that.” And then throw them into unnecessary cosmetic surgery.

Circumcision is just disgusting and anyone willing to call it anything other than cosmetic surgery hasn’t done enough research. I’m so glad 50% of parents have left their sons intact and that more and more are choosing to love their sons as is.

Obviously, the rest of the world already has no issue with circumcision, but America use to have this obsession and sadly there’s still SOOOO much misinformation out there.

And why any one, at all, would ever say that they would do it because their husband is or because their husband wants it done… That’s just disgusting. I would hope that if I asked my husband to remove my daughter’s labia he’d say “FUCK NO!!” Kids over spouses!!! I’d rather defend my child’s beautiful, new born body, which I spent 9mo making whole, than submit to my husband just to avoid an argument.

When you have the facts, the answer is simple. Do not circumcise.

If you need some informing, here’s a great video of a biophysicist leading a class discussion on circumcision. Learn REAL facts, because American doctors suck at knowing what they’re talking about.

Care enough about your future children to educate yourself people. Past mistakes do not have to be repeated. When we know better, we do better. Simple. 

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